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The Fran-Tec Green Difference

Fran-Tec is a one-stop resource for remarketing and compliant recycling of excess or obsolete electronics, IT and PC Related Equipment generated in the Corporate, Municipal, and Residential sectors.

Whether you're a Fortune 500 corporation with a diverse waste stream, a municipality trying to cope with your electronic and CRT disposal, or even a waste hauler looking for an additional downstream route, Fran-Tec can help.


Our services, to name just a few, can answer most if not all of your e-waste recycling needs:
* Computer and Electronic Recycling
* CRT (Computer Monitor) Recycling
* Hard Drive Shredding
* Secure Destruction of Sensitive Data
* Onsite Recycling Storage Containers
* On Site Pick Up of your Electronic Waste - Nationwide
* Remarketing of your Re-Usable Assets

Let us be the solution for all of your recycling needs.  Contact us today!

The entire process will be effortless to you

You already have enough work to do. Do you really want to spend your time erasing hard drives and upgrading outdated systems? Why worry about risk management, software licenses and environmental compliance? Fran-Tec will pickup your equipment, provide the requested services and send you a detailed record of what was accomplished. It’s that easy.


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