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Virtual Tours - iPIX Photos

The ideal way to promote any visually interesting environment such as hotels, historic buildings, tourist venues and scenic viewpoints. They can be placed on web sites, CD Rom's or even sent via email. Each 360 degree image can be navigated by "clicking and holding" your mouse down and moving it around. They can consist of many images, each linked together by "clickable hotspots"

Using the highest quality digital camera and a 180° fisheye lens, we take two precisely back-to-back photos and then stitch them together to form a perfect 360o image. These images are then combined using a Java applet on your website (or storage media) in HTML format and then viewed using a browser. Because you can interactively rotate the image, thus seeing all around as if you were immersed within it, the result is a "Virtual Tour" of that location.

IPIX images capture look and feel of a destination. Our photographers can alter image composition to emphasize substance, context - even intimacy. IPIX images showcase your business to the world and provide a compelling reason to learn more, call or visit.

Please Contact Us... that we can help you to develop Virtual Tours for your favorite locations.

Click HERE for a Gallery of our sample work.

Get ready-to-install, quality 360 degree panoramic photography (or virtual tour) images on your website without having to buy specialised camera equipment and software, or learn new photographic techniques. IPIX imaging technology is the best and most widely used virtual tour format available.

IPIX technology transformed panoramic immersive imaging from a hobby into the commercial ‘virtual tour’ industry that now exists. IPIX imaging remains the industry standard with unsurpassed viewing freedom - 360 degree panoramas with a full 180 degree vertical view. Have your images auto-rotate fast or slow upon opening. Visitors can also zoom and drag the image around for a closer view.

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